Big Brother: Film premiere!

The Big Brother house was transformed into a cinema on Tuesday night for the premiere of the housemates’ film about their time on the show.

Having been locked in the bedroom for some time that evening, the group emerged to find cinema-style seating, a popcorn machine, pick ‘n’mix sweets and champagne awaiting them.

“Let’s make ourselves really sick!” shouted Ziggy as he clapped eyes on the treats, while the twins squealed with delight.

“I’m going to go to premieres more often if I get free pick ‘n’ mix,” enthused Sam.

The one-hour film saw Ziggy and Liam playing Sam and Amanda, Jonty in dual roles as Sean and Shabnam, and Brian starring as Charley, complete with curly wig and dress.

And it included re-enactments of such highlights as Brian and Amanda’s caravan snog, Ziggy and Chanelle’s arguments and the moment during the BBTV task when the housemates received messages from home.

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