Big Brother: Finishing school!

The housemates are to become pupils of Big Brother‘s Finishing Academy to try and win this week’s luxury shopping budget.

Over the next few days they will be set a series of challenges aimed at improving their etiquette and manners – while social graces and swearing will be banned from the house.

The tasks will include learning deportment, elocution, dinner etiquette and ballroom dancing. And the final part of the task will see the group testing their new-found skills at a formal evening of dinner and dancing.

If the group incur less than five fails, they will pass the entire task and receive a luxury shopping budget for the week.

Five or more fails, however, will result in failure for the group and yet another week of existing on basic rations.

The housemates began the task on Sunday afternoon with elocution lessons, and have also been given a list of rules which they will be randomly tested on over the next few days.

They were surprised to discover, for example, that the male housemates were banned from sitting down whenever a female housemate was standing. And other rules left the housemates confused.

“I don’t see how we can be ladies of the manor while we’re doing piles of washing up and cooking en masse,” Kara-Louise said.

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