Big Brother: Five face eviction

Big Brother newcomers Jonty, Kara-Louise and Amy are all facing the public vote this week, along with twins Sam and Amanda.

The 19-year-olds, who have yet to receive a single nomination from any of their fellow housemates, have been put up for eviction following a twist in the time travel task.

They are now being treated as a single housemate, hence both run the risk of being evicted on Friday.

However, all the others were nominated by the others. Kara-Louise received six votes from her fellow housemates, while Amy and Jonty received five apiece.

Among those who nominated Kara-Louise were the twins – who now nominate as one housemate – Amy, Brian, Carole, Jonty and Liam.

“She’s a canny enough lass but she’s not really exciting,” Liam said of the 22-year-old student, while Carole said, “I can sit and chat with her but I don’t think there is very much I can give to her.”

Jonty, meanwhile, was nominated by Brian, Kara-Louise, Gerry, Liam and the twins. Liam described the museum worker as “irritating”, while Gerry said, “it’s like living with a seven-year-old child.”

Gerry, Carole, Tracey, Ziggy and and Kara-Louise nominated Amy. “I felt betrayed by her for just putting us all up so easily for nomination,” Kara-Louise explained.

Ziggy said he found the glamour model “a bit fake. I don’t think she is as natural as she could be,” he told Big Brother.

Of the other housemates, Gerry received four nominations, while none of the others received any votes at all.

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