Big Brother: Food fights?

An argument broke out in the Big Brother house on Tuesday morning over Carole’s control of the kitchen.

Trouble flared after Ziggy suggested that some of the other housemates might have been hiding food, after some of last week’s luxury shopping budget was discovered still in the house.

“There isn’t food hidden,” Carole snapped at him. “Something got missed when the fridge was cleared.”

“There would be serious consequences for people who did it,” she pointed out, “Big Brother made that very clear.”

Later on, she and Gerry came to blows over his suggestion that she was controlling the kitchen.

“I’m not controlling anything,” she said, “but you don’t just go around taking other people’s stuff.”

“It is not other people’s stuff,” Gerry said huffily, referring to the food, “it is my stuff as well.” However this made Carole even angrier.

“Have the courtesy to ask!” she shouted. “Kara has the courtesy to ask despite the fact she’s sharing with us. That’s about courtesy. It’s about respecting other people instead of just doing what you like.”

As a result, a number of housemates decided they would be doing their own cooking from now on instead of relying on Carole.

“The fact is when Carole goes near the kitchen we feel uncomfortable going near it,” Ziggy pointed out. “I wanna live in this house. I want my time here and I want to enjoy it.”

“The last thing I want to do is upset Carole because she’s been so good to us, but I think we need to show her that other people can do it.”

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