Big Brother: Food task proves too much

Big Brother‘s halfway housemates cringed their way through their luxury food challenge on Thursday afternoon – with mixed results.

The four were told they each had to eat a “luxury” meal in order to win shopping money for the group in the main house – but as with all Big Brother tasks, there was an unpleasant twist lurking.

David was first into the Diary Room, and was faced with a plate of luncheon meat tartare – made with jam instead of egg.

The Scot tried gamely to finish off the food – but was scuppered when he was sick midway through.

Kara-Louise had similar problems with her own meal – a gammon and fondant fancy kebab on a bed of chilli and prawn cocktail – but she managed to finish it off before heading for the toilet to bring it back.

Tracey fared rather better, downing a glass of olive oil and a single strawberry with no problems.

However Shanessa refused point blank to eat the pint of mayonnaise that Big Brother had provided.

“I can’t do that, I’m sorry,” she said. “I will be sick.”

Big Brother warned her that she would win the housemates no money towards the shopping budget, but the care worker was adamant.

“I’m really sorry to everyone in there,” she told them. “I don’ t feel well. I feel sick already.

“It looked really nice, and I’m sure there are a million people who would just devour it,” she said afterwards. “But with me being Shanessa, I just can’t. I’m not just doing it to be nasty or that; I’ve been in bed all day and I really can’t swallow that at all.”

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