Big Brother: Gerry and Nicky up for eviction

Big Brother housemates Gerry and Nicky were both put up for eviction by the housemates on Monday night, each receiving four votes.

They will be subject to Friday’s public vote and one will be ejected from Big Brother 8, unlike last week’s fake vote.

Brian nominated Gerry, and said: “I think he looks down on me because I don’t know lots of things about art and stuff ad I don’t talk a lot about museums and stuff… Telling me off for farting, he don’t like me farting, he doesn’t like me doing a lot of stuff.”

Liam decided to include Nicky in his nominations: “I don’t particularly get on with her, she is the sneakiest housemate, Sneaky Nicky as Gerry calls her. Nasty Nicky as I would call her.”

The results of the nominations were announced to the house live on E4 on Monday during Big Brother’s Little Brother.

While Gerry and Nicky received four votes, Charley, Tracey and Ziggy got three, Carole two and Chanelle one. Amanda, Brian, Liam and Sam received none.

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