Big Brother: Gerry branded “spiteful”

Gerry has been accused of being spiteful after becoming involved in an argument with Big Brother twins Sam and Amanda.

Trouble flared on Thursday afternoon after the pair kidnapped Gerry’s beloved cuddly monkey Freddie.

Although it started out as a joke, events soon spiralled out of control when Gerry grabbed Amanda’s hair extensions and held them to ransom – resulting in a scuffle in which Amanda was accidentally hurt.

“Gerry elbowed me like this,” the 19-year-old complained to Carole, Charley and Tracey. “When he is angry he does hurt.”

The incident escalated when Tracey told Gerry off for fighting too hard – and the 31-year-old took offence. “I was just accused of bring spiteful,” he fumed in the bedroom afterwards.

“The twins said you were spiteful and so did I,” said Charley. “You do hurt when you fight Gerry, that’s all we said but I do as well. It’s only a play fight so it doesn’t matter.”

However, Gerry said he found the remark “offensive” and said such accusations should not be allowed – and saved the rest of his wrath for Tracey, who had accused him of sounding like a “broken record”.

“Tracey, I don’t want to be accused of it. If you think I’m spiteful you should use your own little brain,” he snapped.”Amanda never said that word.”

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