Big Brother: Gerry faces real life eviction

Big Brother housemate Gerry has been told that he is going to be homeless with he leaves the house, according to reports.

The Mirror has said that the Greek gallery researcher was called to the Diary Room on Tuesday and told of the change in his circumstances.

A Big Brother insider told the paper: “Gerry was told that his two housemates in real life had moved out and that the house they rent was being sold.”

“His landlord has put his belongings in a safe place and offered him somewhere to stay for a day or two but he has basically been evicted.”

Gerry is said to have sobbed after finding out. “I’ve got no home, no job and no money,” he tearfully told Big Brother.

Later on, having shared his misfortune with the others, both Ziggy and Chanelle offered him a place to stay, while Carole suggested that he should sign on once he leaves the house.

“You can’t even do that if you haven’t got an address,” the 31-year-old angrily pointed out.

Gerry has been nominated for eviction this week but is expected to remain in the house, as fellow nominee Nicky is the hot favourite to go.

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