Big Brother: Gerry’s ‘Greasy’ quiz

Gerry has won alcohol for his fellow housemates after Big Brother set him a quiz about grease.

However, the 31-year-old was convinced he would be answering questions about his home country of Greece when he was summoned to the Diary Room on Wednesday evening – and had a surprise when the first question turned out to be about John Travolta.

“You must be kidding me,” he gasped. “Grease the musical? I know all the songs but I’ve never watched it.”

He then correctly answered a question about Delia Smith. “When baking a Christmas cake, Delia Smith recommends wrapping the tin with brown paper before greasing it,” Big Brother told him. “What football team does she support.”

A question about the spelling of Greece followed, which he answered correctly despite being confused over which word they wanted him to spell, before being faced with one last question.

“Sophocles is a Greek playwright,” Big Brother told him. “His work includes Oedipus Rex, a tragedy. Tragedy was a 1979 hit single for which hairy trio?”

“How can you bring Sophocles into this?” Gerry shrieked before giving the right answer of the Bee Gees – and winning an impressive haul of cider for the group.

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