Big Brother: Gerry’s parting shot

Ziggy and Liam have been debating a stark warning from Big Brother evictee Gerry not to trust Tracey – which he gave before he left on Friday evening.

Speaking in the garden shortly after the 31-year-old had been evicted, Liam and Ziggy were discussing their feelings about the evening’s events when the subject came up.

“It was nervous tonight,” said Liam. “And frustrating nervous. And there wasn’t a thing I could do about it.”

“It was completely out of your hands,” Ziggy agreed. “It just knocks it out of you. And now Gerry’s gone.”

“Were you there when Tracey went to the toilet,” Liam asked, “and he said, ‘don’t trust her, everybody’?”

“When he’d been evicted already, in the thirty minutes when we were all crowding round him, he said ‘don’t trust her – I don’t!'”

Ziggy pointed out that when Gerry was telling the others that Carole deserved to win, Tracey disagreed with him. “I said ‘if I were in this position I’d do exactly the same'”, he told Liam, but Tracey said ‘no. We all deserve to win this’.”

He added that Tracey was probably “delighted” to see the back of Gerry. “I don’t trust her,” he concluded. “I’m sorry.”

Earlier, during his eviction interview, Gerry had told Davina McCall that Tracey was “playing a game”, and he did not want to see her win the series.

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