Big Brother: Gina and Dexter move into ‘secret house’

Big Brother housemates Gina Rio and Dexter Koh have become the subjects of the show’s latest twist after they entered a ‘secret safe house’ on Friday night.

The pair initially thought they had been given the boot in a double eviction after learning earlier this week they faced the latest vote along with Dan Neal and Wolfy Millington.

However when Gina left the house she was swiftly ushered back in, and was left waiting in the diary room to see what would happen next.

Like Gina Dexter accepted his apparent defeat graciously – but appeared to burst into tears when he learned the public had been voting to keep him in the house.

The pair were then informed they would be entering a luxurious ‘safe house’ where they could spy on the housemates and cause mayhem among them.

And they were both delighted upon seeing their new living quarters – which included champagne, snacks, rose petals on the beds and TV screens to enable them to watch the main house from afar.

Viewers voted for Gina and Dexter to enter the house as a pair – with Dan and Wolfy as the other possible pairing for the safe house.

It is not the first time a secret house twist has been introduced into Big Brother.

The fifth series of the show saw housemates Emma Greenwood and Michelle Bass roped into a similar scheme – which led to the series’ now infamous ‘fight night’ when they eventually returned.

Meanwhile Celebrity Big Brother couple Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt pulled off a similar stunt on Celebrity Big Brother in January when they pretended to be leaving the house only to retreat to a luxury basement where they spied on the others.