Big Brother: Gina warned after row

Big Brother contestant Gina Rio has been issued with a formal warning following a fierce row with fellow housemate Sallie Axl.

The 24-year-old ‘lady of leisure’ – who entered the house on Friday night – argued with the glamour model after complaining to Big Brother about her lack of make-up wipes.

Sallie pointed out that she had no clothes following the shredding of her suitcase – and that having no make-up wipes was a small issue in comparison.

However things quickly spun out of control after Gina told Sallie to shut up, resulting in a row over the latter’s tattoos.

Sallie told the socialite: “You’re pathetic with your big, high incentives and your f**king bad skin and your bad attitude,” adding: “You know what? I’m a really decent person.”

Ultimately though it was Gina who was warned over her behaviour after she attempted to steal Sallie’s hat – leading to Sallie complaining that Gina had “attacked her”.

The 26-year-old was told that Big Brother would not tolerate aggressive behaviour – and was ordered to stay away from Gina in the house.

It’s not the first time that Sallie has shown signs of being a feisty housemate – having come close to starting a row with Michael on Thursday night after he ordered the shredding of the housemates’ suitcases.

Gina, who once lived at the Savoy, and also claimed to receive an allowance of £10,000 a month from her mother, was resoundingly booed by the crowd as she entered the house on Friday night.

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