Big Brother: Global fallout

Ziggy and Gerry have come to blows in the Big Brother house after the former pop star accidentally kicked an inflatable globe over the wall of the house.

The incident occurred during an impromptu game of football on Saturday afternoon, after the housemates had won access to the poolside bar.

The group was initially amused after the globe – which was in the bar – went flying. “I was gonna show the twins the world,” joked Carole. “Now I can’t even show them Leytonstone.”

However, Gerry failed to see the funny side when he found out.

“I was going to teach the twins geography and you ****** it up!” he raged. “All you had to do was use the other ball, but do you ever listen to anybody else? No, you just do your own thing.”

Ziggy, meanwhile, was not about to be drawn into such a trivial argument and told Gerry so.

“You have no right to have a go at me, it’s a ball,” he pointed out. “I’m not going to let you have a go at me. There’s not much to do in here and I was playing with a ball.”

However, the argument went on for some time, and the pair were still talking about it later on.

“You don’t need someone telling you, ‘I’m really really ashamed of you. I’m starting to change my mind about you’, Ziggy told Jonty and Brian. “Why would I need to hear that? If it’s something previous, then tell me, but don’t have a go at me about football.”

Gerry, meanwhile, admitted to Kara-Louise that he was feeling a bit low. “It’s one of those days,” he sighed.

“Sometimes you don’t have anyone to talk to. Ziggy was very very close to me, but now Chanelle’s gone, he’s eager to catch up for lost time, and he prefers the company of the lads.”

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