Big Brother: Gurus evict Gerry

Gerry has been evicted from the Big Brother house by gurus Tracey, Ziggy, Sam and Amanda after he and Carole received the most public votes.

The 31-year-old was chosen unanimously by the quartet after Davina McCall announced the result of the public vote, and Big Brother informed them they would have to choose one of the two to leave.

Neither looked surprised to have been chosen by the public – but Gerry seemed particularly keen to leave and pleaded with the gurus to vote for him throughout the process.

“I want to leave,” he said, “I don’t mind. Prove to them I don’t want the money.”

Carole, meanwhile, wiped away tears as Sam, Amanda, Tracey and finally Ziggy all chose Gerry.

And afterwards, he just couldn’t stop talking.

“It’s fine,” he told the others as Big Brother announced he had been evicted. “I knew there would be a twist and I’m perfectly fine with it. I’ve got what I wanted from my time in the house.”

“I want Carole to win this award. We’re still young, we can work for this money. I am proving now that I did not come here for the money. It’s very important for me.”

The housemates then burst into applause as Gerry stood up and tearfully hugged Carole.

“I want you to stay here,” he told her. “I want you to stay here and win the money.”

Gerry will leave the house later on Friday evening.

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