Big Brother: Halfway house twist!

Both the Big Brother housemates and the Halfway housemates face some difficult decisions before the end of the week, they have been told.

Big Brother gathered both groups on their respective sofas on Tuesday afternoon and told informed them that the remaining Halfway housemates Amy, Jonty and Shanessa would be given two more opportunities to become fully-fledged housemates in the next few days.

Two will join the house permanently, while one of them will be sent packing.

However, some of the current housemates would move the other way and follow Ziggy into the Halfway house.

And in a further twist, all those who are in the Halfway house on Friday will face the public vote.

The groups in both houses reacted with shock and confusion to the news – and it was left to Carole to explain how it would work.

“Some of us who are here will end up going next door,” she pointed out “and on Thursday whoever’s next door will face the public vote. Two people will come in here.”

“So today or tomorrow,” Liam asked, “a couple of us will go in there, a couple of them will come in here and everybody who’s in there on Friday is up for nomination.”

“Whoever’s in there goes up for the vote on Thursday to leave Friday,” confirmed Carole.

In the Halfway House, the reaction was similar. “Does this mean that in two days time the vote will be announced?” Amy asked, “or that we won’t be up for another two days?”

“I haven’t a clue,” Ziggy said. “I’m as nervous about this as you are.”

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