Big Brother: Halfway housemates aren’t happy

As Amy and Jonty settled into the Big Brother house on Wednesday evening, the halfway housemates were left to express their true feelings.

David, in particular, felt as though he hadn’t really had an opportunity to experience the main house properly – or get to know all of the housemates.

“I see Liam as somebody I really like” he told Tracey, who was also banished to the Halfway House on Wednesday.

“I knew he was missing Ziggy, but all of a sudden he was taken away. I still have the twins to get round, I still have Brian to get round…”

Tracey pointed out that he had bonded with Gerry during his short stay in the main house.

“Aye,” he agreed. “I know he grates on other people’s nerves, but he’s just naturally somebody that I click with.”

The pink-haired raver, meanwhile – who has been in the house since the start – was more accepting of her fate.

“I’m glad I’m experiencing this side of the house,” she told David.

“For you, it’s a break in the monotony,” he pointed out, “but for me it’s a return to it.”

The four who are now in the halfway house will face the public vote on Friday.

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