Big Brother: Halfwit and Marcus face eviction

Halfwit and Marcus will face the boot from the Big Brother house this week.

Following a spate of rule breaking by housemates, Big Brother decided to allow a free discussion of nominations until further notice.

As they got used to the new rules, housemates began to form alliances and decide between them who they would nominate.

Marcus told the others that he would like to be up for Friday’s eviction, as did David.

But Bea chided David for announcing this to the house, saying he didn’t really mean it.

As Siavash, Halfwit and Marcus went into the garden, Siavash said: “Let’s get strategic.”

The plotting then began in earnest.

The results were formally being announced live to the house on Big Brother’s Little Brother, at 6pm on E4.

However, the housemates have already worked out who is up for the chop by revealing their nominations to each other.

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