Big Brother: Happy birthday!

The Big Brother housemates have been given the task of providing a party for Big Brother’s birthday, in order to win a luxury shopping budget.

The housemates have been divided into two groups for the task, with Amanda, Sam, Gerry, Nicky and Ziggy chosen as special party guests.

The remainder have been giving the job of providing the party entertainment. Liam has been made party magician, with Chanelle as his glamorous assistant, while Charley and Tracey are clowns.

Carole, meanwhile, is the party artist and Brian will become a one-man band in order to provide party music.

The party will take place in Big Brother’s special Party Room on Tuesday, and all housemates will have to complete their performances successfully in order to stand a chance of passing the task.

If the group incurs three or more fails, they will have been unsuccessful in the task and will receive only a basic shopping budget for the week.

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