Big Brother: Happy birthday Liam!

The Big Brother household is celebrating yet another birthday on Friday, as Liam turns 23.

The tree surgeon’s special day got off to a quiet start, after many of the housemates ignored the wake-up alarm and stayed in bed – but Big Brother quickly intervened, setting him a special birthday task.

He and Sam were summoned to the Diary Room on Friday morning and given the job of recording the Big Brother Birthday Podcast.

The others were told they would each have to give Big Brother a birthday present, and then be interviewed by Liam about why they had chosen that particular gift.

Among the presents offered were a spoon, given by Brian. The 20-year-old, who recently celebrated his own birthday in the house, explained rather bafflingly that Big Brother could use it to “pot-stir” later on.

Chanelle, meanwhile, offered Big Brother an empty bottle of perfume. “If you smell really hard you can still smell the perfume in it, so that’ll be nice for Big Brother to do,” she explained.

The podcast ended with the housemates giving Big Brother three cheers and offering birthday wishes.

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