Big Brother: Has ‘Pauline’ been rumbled already?

Fake housemate Pauline has entered the Big Brother house ready to stir up trouble.

The housemates believe the new addition is an Australian Big Brother contestant but she is, in fact, English actress Thaila Zucchi, 26, sent in to mix things up.

Unbeknown to housemates, this week’s task is to expose Pauline as a fake. If they succeed they will win a luxury shopping budget, but if they fail to rumble her they will only get a basic shopping allowance.

But some of the women – Charley, Tracey, Nicky and Carole – may be on to Pauline already. They discussed their new Aussie addition and some doubts began to creep in.

Charley and Tracey are the most suspicious.

“I just think it’s well weird she came out with that,” said Tracey, referring to the psychic prediction ‘Pauline’ made about Charley at dinner.

“I found it very weird,” agreed Nicky.

“Too much she knew,” said Charley. “I’m an exhibitionist, something else I can’t think of the word, outgoing, argumentative,” she listed.

“You know Carole,” said Charley, “she ain’t even been in Australia, she’s probably been living in London and just picked up the Australian accent.”

“She is Australian,” asserted Carole.

“Yeah,” Charley rebounded, “but living in London.”

“I think I’ve seen her somewhere,” admitted Carole.

Pauline may be on a one-way ticket to the Gold Coast before she knows it!

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