The Big Brother housemates are suspicious about the ‘wedding’ between Mario and Stephanie this weekend – putting the pair’s secret mission in jeopardy.

Mario and Stephanie have been posing as a couple since entering the house on Thursday, and are set to get ‘married’ in the house after he was ordered by Big Brother to pop the question.

Only Mario’s real girlfriend Lisa – who is also in the house – and fellow housemate Luke are in on the secret, and all four will face the public vote if they are rumbled.

However the others are having their doubts – with feisty Londoner Alexandra among the first to speak up.

“I never believed it,” she told the other housemates on Saturday. “I will go along with it but when the question comes, I will object.”

“There is nothing there,” she added. “Mario sat next to Steph at breakfast and she looked like she would be sick.”

And Alexandra also came close to the truth when she voiced suspicions that Lisa was in fact the 42-year-old’s real girlfriend. “They spend way too much time together,” she said.

“They will probably win immunity and we are up for nomination,” she insisted. “I think it’s a task.”

Dennis was also suspicious. “It’s weird to get married after that time, it’s not what I think about love,” the Scottish dancer told the others.

And Dale and Jennifer also have their doubts. “It looks really, really bad,” Dale said, while Jennifer pointed out that “getting married is a big deal, but there is no reaction.”

The ‘wedding’ is due to take place on Sunday.