Big Brother: House Of Wisdom

The Big Brother housemates have been getting involved in some deep and meaningful discussions with their latest task.

The challenge, set on Saturday evening, required the group to fish rubber ducks out of the bath – each of which had a discussion topic on the base.

They then had to take their duck back to the living area and debate the topic with the others.

Ziggy was the first person to ‘hook’ a duck, and found himself having to discuss the meaning of happiness with the housemates.

“The meaning of happiness is feeling good about yourself,” he decided, but the others had their own ideas.

Carole said that happiness was “relative”, while Liam said it was “spending time with people you love”.

The other housemates hooked themselves some equally weighty issues. Chanelle had to debate how high up was, while the age old debate of which came first, the chicken or the egg, also came up.

Liam, meanwhile, was asked “are there plenty more fish in the sea? I hope so, otherwise we’re all snookered,” he pointed out.

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