Big Brother: Housemates ace survey quiz

The Big Brother

housemates have been rewarded with sparkling wine after successfully completing the first part of this weeks shopping task.

The Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Big Housemate Survey Quiz was the first ‘show’in the BBTV challenge, in which the group have to run their own TV channel.

It saw the housemates dividing into two teams – named Team Well ‘Ard and The Pretty Divas – and taking part in a mock gameshow, hosted by Big Brother, in which they had to answer ten questions based on a survey conducted among members of the Eviction audience.

Liam correctly guessed that the audience had chosen Chanelle as the housemate most likely to release a chart-topping single – while Tracey also guessed Chanelle as the most fanciable female housemate, and was right.

Charley, meanwhile, correctly chose Liam as the housemate the audience selected as most fanciable male.

The last question caused a few scratched heads, however. “Which housemate will win this year?” Big Brother asked them.

Team Well ‘Ard chose Tracey while the Pretty Divas plumped for Carole – before being told that the audience were never asked that question at all.

However they did well enough to win some alcohol for the house.

The remainder of the task will see the housemates having to produce and present one promotional advert, full length TV show and news bulletin per day, in order to win a luxury shopping budget.

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