The Big Brother housemates have had the chance to behave as childishly as possible in their latest task, which saw a playground installed in the garden.

Various rides and other equipment were installed, with the housemates given the task of playing one game for as long as possible.

However it wasn’t that easy, with Josie lasting just a few minutes on the roundabout before complaining that she felt sick.

And John James teased Corin while they were on the see-saw together, saying “I know for a fact she’s not going to win. Nobody here can do this till 3am. If you last till 3am, I’ll get off.”

Meanwhile, Josie has been quizzed by Rachel about her blossoming relationship with John James, but has said she does not want to read too much in to it.

“I know I have got a lot of love for him and I know he has got a lot of love for me,” she admitted. “There’s no talking about relationships and all that. That’s when you start getting stressed out.

“It’s what it is and it ain’t what it ain’t and that’s it. I’m just going to enjoy it.”

But while Josie and John James may be enjoying themselves, Dave has been less happy since the housemates received messages from home.

The minister is now considering leaving the house amid concerns that the greetings from his wife and mother appeared downbeat.

“I won’t stay if me being here is putting pressure on my family,” he said, “because the messages just weren’t positive.”