The scorching weather got the better of the Big Brother housemates as three of them became embroiled in a row.

Halfwit (pictured), Lisa and Charlie clashed in the garden as a seemingly innocuous chat turned into a full-blown argument.

Reflecting on his experience in the house, Halfwit told Charlie: “There are elements of this that are just nasty. I don’t think Lisa likes me.”

The comment sparked an angry reaction from Lisa, who replied: “I don’t think you like me.”

Halfwit added: “I dislike you scheming against me and bitching behind my back.”

Lisa said: “You’re paranoid. You are not a fool. You’re playing the victim of the house.”

With Halfwit despondent after the frank exchange of views, Charlie told him: “You single yourself out from everyone else. You don’t interact with the group.”

Halfwit – real name Freddie Fisher – is up for eviction for the third week in a row, along with Sree.