Big Brother: Housemates attend ball

The Big Brother housemates have rounded off this week’s shopping task by attending the Big Brother ball.

The evening of dinner and dancing took place on Tuesday evening and gave the group the chance to show off the etiquette and manners they had learned during the task.

But they weren’t so keen on displaying all their new-found skills. “Can we stop talking like this?” requested Liam, having become heartily sick of the fact that the housemates were being made to use proper elocution.

“Yeah, can we?” asked Brian. “I’m feeling really uncomfortable.”

Amanda warned them they would fail the task but it was Tracey who saved the day. “It’s about the etiquette of the table,” she assured them, “it’s not about the way we speak, is it?”

Ziggy, meanwhile, took the opportunity to flirt with Kara-Louise on the dancefloor and share some saucy banter with Tracey. “Mr Ziggy, let me smell your wrist of love!” she joked as the former pop star wafted past in a haze of cologne.

The housemates will find out on Wednesday if they passed the task, and will receive a luxury shopping budget for their final week in the house.

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