Big Brother: Housemates count their losses

The Big Brother lads have admitted that they’re missing Charley and Chanelle since they left the house.

“A lot has happened since Thursday,” said Brian, “since we all got the toilet roll with our pictures on.”

“Did we once have someone called Charley here?” Gerry asked as he, Brian and Ziggy chatted in the bedroom on Wednesday evening.

“Like we could forget,” said Brian.

Ziggy, meanwhile, told the pair of them how much he was missing Chanelle since she walked out on Monday.

“Think how close you were to her,” Brian pointed out, “it must be massive for you. Even I’ve noticed that she’s not here. She was a good girl.”

“I was looking at the t-shirt last night when you two (Ziggy and Liam) had gone,” he said, referring to the shirt the twins had designed with pictures of their personalised toilet paper.

“And I was thinking ‘four people just gone since last Thursday’. It’s mental.”

Ziggy even went so far as to say that he had forgotten all about Charley’s departure. “It’s kind of been overshadowed,” he said. “People said it wasn’t a show without her.”

“They were so wrong though,” Gerry pointed out. “It has been much more busy without her.”

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