Big Brother: Housemates discuss nominations

Both Laura and Chanelle have been contemplating the possibility of eviction from the Big Brother house, after learning they were nominated this week.

In a conversation with Carole on Wednesday morning, Laura said: “I know I’ll be evicted because Seany was. Simple as. If they don’t like him they won’t like me.”

And she told Charley she “had a feeling” she would be given the boot.

Chanelle, meanwhile, has admitted she is scared of leaving the house, and even went so far as to say she wanted to leave early following news of her eviction, for fear of being booed by the crowd.

“I want to go home now,” she told Ziggy and Sam, who did their best to rally her spirits.

“It’s been dead good,” said Sam. “You’ve met Ziggy, you’ve met me and Amanda. Don’t regret it.”

By Wednesday morning, Chanelle had convinced herself that she would be leaving on Friday – and discussed it with Gerry.

“I’m not bothered about going,” Chanelle told him, “It’s just the scariness of walking up the steps.”

“I think that will be the best part,” Gerry pointed out, “plus you will be a person who has entertained people, even when you’ve had a crisis.”

“You really need to think positively,” he added. “I think you will get a lot of love from the crowd.”

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