Big Brother: Housemates duet

The Big Brother housemates have teamed up for their latest task – which involves performing duets with each other.

Details of the task were given to the remaining members of the group on Saturday morning – with the housemates divided into under-21s, over 21s and over 30s.

The youngest group – consisting of Brian and the twins – were given A Whole New World to perform as Jordan and Peter Andre.

Over-21s Liam and Ziggy were told they would be transformed into Kylie and Jason to sing Especially For You.

And Carole and Jonty were set to become Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers, to sing Islands In The Stream.

Housemates received lyric sheets on Saturday morning and spent most of the day rehearsing their songs and awaiting their performance times.

When they are given notice of their performance, they will have three minutes to rush to the garden, put on their costumes and get ready to perform.

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