Big Brother housemates had to be evacuated on Tuesday night – after a ‘freak storm’ flooded part of the house.

The housemates were taken to a special holding area within the Big Brother compound as a ‘safety measure’.

They were whisked out of the house at 9.15pm yesterday, and were only able to return just before 1am.

Once they got back inside the house they had to make do with a makeshift bedroom in the task room while essential maintenance was carried out.

The Big Brother housemates were relieved to be back, saying that it was weird ‘being away from home’, even if it was only for a couple of hours. Corin and Dave stayed awake much of the night after the dramatic events and said how exciting they found the ‘little adventure’.

Even though they were in a new bedroom, most of the housemates have been sticking to their usual routines.

John James and Josie slept next to each other, as did Mario and Andrew. The former mole pushed his airbed right up against the student’s before telling him that he was going to miss sharing a bed with him when they leave the show.

Big Brother said: “Earlier in the evening the group had to be evacuated after a freak storm flooded certain parts of the house.

“Engineers are currently checking every single cable within the building and double checking everything is in order and safe for our housemates before they return.

“Housemates will have access to the garden, the kitchen and the task room today and the nest will become a temporary diary room.”