Big Brother: Housemates face catwalk challenge

The Big Brother housemates have to whip out their perfect pouts and chiselled cheekbones for Thursday’s task.

Divided into two teams of models, the housemates must design, create and model their own fashion collections.

The teams will put on catwalk shows and do photo-shoots later today.

Big Brother will choose two judges for the task. These judges must pick the two best-looking housemates to become team leaders, who in turn will select their own model team from the remaining housemates.

Housemates must complete two parts of the task to show off their modelling skills: a catwalk strut-off and a photo-shoot.

Big Brother has set up a studio in the garden for the photo shoot. Each team has been given a famous image to recreate and housemates must take it in turns to pose for the camera.

We’re guessing that Ziggy, a former model, and Amy, who is currently a glamour model, will be popular choices for this task.

Amy’s success in this task may help her to escape eviction tomorrow.

She is the red-hot 1/20 favourite to be the next Big Brother evictee, according to Ladbrokes.

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