Big Brother: Housemates face lie detector

The Big Brother housemates have been tested on a lie detector machine in the latest part of the self-improvement shopping task.

The aim of the test was to determine which housemate would be named Soul Guru and join Ziggy and the twins as being immune from eviction.

And there were some surprising revelations during the task, with the polygraph discovering that Liam is jealous of Brian and Amanda, Kara-Louise was not happy in the house and Gerry considers himself superior to the others.

Gerry also reluctantly revealed he would be willing to betray another housemate for the £100,000 prize.

“It depends what kind of betrayal though,” he said afterwards. “I wouldn’t kill anyone. But it’s a lot of money. It would change my life.”

Meanwhile, Jonty was asked if he was a virgin three times and each time said yes – only to be surprised when the answer was validated.

“I was wondering whether they’d come up with the lie thing,” he said.

Something you’re not telling us, Jonty….?

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