Big Brother housemates fail Irish task; on basics

The housemates will have to survive on basic rations for the next week after Big Brother announced they had failed their weekly shopping task.

The group were split into drummers and dancers and asked to learn and perform a traditional Irish dance, which was judged by Big Brother and a dance expert.

While Big Brother praised the amount of effort put in by the dancers, he said he ‘lost count’ of the number of fails incurred, with the drummers making the maximum of three in the introduction alone.

The housemates, who had been pessimistic about their chances of success, greeted the news with cheers and laughter.

Impressed by their spirit, Big Brother treated the housemates to alcohol on Wednesday night.

Later, Luke, Mario and Mikey gathered in the garden to have a gossiping session about their fellow housemates, agreeing that Darnell and Mohamed were ‘idiots’.

Mikey mocked Belinda’s degree in music while Mario suggested that they tie her up ‘like a mummy’ and tickle her to keep her awake so that she can’t snore.

Mario, who alongside Bex is up for eviction this week, described Darnell as having the ‘brains of a rocking horse’.