Big Brother: Housemates get sinful party

The Big Brother housemates were treated to a party on Tuesday night as a reward for passing their latest task – but one person wasn’t invited.

That person was Charley, who was not allowed to attend after failing her part of the Seven Deadly Sins task.

After being chosen as the most wrathful housemate by Carole, she was banned from losing her temper or arguing with her fellow housemates.

However she was unable to control her moods on a number of occasions – culminating in her narrowly avoiding an argument with Brian.

As a result, she was banished to the Sin Bin, and watched while the other housemates – dressed in ‘sinful’ leather and rubber costumes supplied by Big Brother – tucked in to a chocolate fountain, chocolate cake and pink champagne.

“It’s not fair, I want some food,” moaned Charley who was given only a bottle of water during her time in the Sin Bin.

“How spiteful can you get? All because I had an argument.”

As well as the party, the housemates receive a luxury shopping budget for passing the task.

You can see images from the party in our photo gallery .

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