Big Brother: Housemates get soapy task

The Big Brother housemates have performed a one-off episode of an Australian soap opera as part of their task to welcome new arrival ‘Pauline’.

They were given their roles on Monday evening for the soap, entitled Housemates, while a special set was constructed in the living area where the performance took place.

And every housemate had their own stereotypical Aussie character name, with ‘Pauline’ playing sexy girl next door Kyleen and Liam starring as her love interest Goldfish.

Meanwhile Ziggy took the role of surfer dude Brandon, the twins played fun-loving twins Sandra and Sheila, and Carole appeared as Janine, the geek in need of a makeover. And Charley was cast as Dingo the dog.

The housemates were given one hour to get into character before the performance – but not all of them were happy with the casting, with Charley calling her canine role “humiliating”.

Nonetheless, they successfully completed the episode – and afterwards decided they liked the set so much that they wanted it to stay. “We’ll have to ask them if we can keep that living-room,” Carole said.

You can see the housmates tackling the task in our photo gallery

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