Big Brother housemates going back to nature

The first pictures of the new Big Brother house have been released and it looks like housemates this year will be getting back to nature.

Contestants will be moving in to the wooden home that comes complete with a two-storey treehouse, vegetable patch and outdoor shower. Inside, anyone hoping for a summer of luxury will be disappointed to find a stationary bike in the bedroom for generating electricity.

Many of the household items are made from recycled materials, such as kitchen stools made out of old bike seats and old suitcases doubling up as coffee tables.

This year’s show theme is ‘Secrets and Lies’ so, as viewers might expect, there are plenty of hidden areas for the housemates to discover.

The house has an eclectic, vintage feel to it, with bright, mismatched furniture, an Aga-style cooker and old filing cabinets used as kitchen drawers, and suitcases piled up in every room.

Last week new Big Brother host Emma Willis told New! magazine it feels awkward taking over from axed frontman Brian Dowling.

She said: “It’s a really uncomfortable situation. I’ve spoken to him and I bumped into him. It could have been uncomfortable, but he was really gracious. We kind of laughed and went, ‘Oh, hi. This is weird…’ And we had a little hug and a quick catch-up. He was lovely about it and understanding because we like each other and had a brilliant working relationship.”


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