Big Brother: Housemates got talent!

The Big Brother housemates have passed the latest part of the BBTV task after successfully producing and staging a talent show.

Brian, Liam, Carole, Ziggy and Chanelle were the show contestants, while the other housemates worked behind the scenes. Gerry was executive producer, while Tracey and Sam – complete with wigs and costumes – were judges.

Liam kicked off the show – presented by Charley – playing the Scott Joplin standard The Entertainer on the keyboard. He impressed Sam, who described his performance as “amazing”, although Tracey wasn’t convinced. “Liberace is spinning in his grave,” she said, giving him no points out of a possible five.

Tracey was similarly dismissive of Brian’s rendition of The Streets Fit But You Know It. “How can you call that talent?” she said, again giving him no points.

Sam, on the other hand, awarded Brian top marks. “You went out of tune but your style made up for it,” she decided.

Carole was up next, performing Led Zeppelin’s Stairway To Heaven, and scoring four points from Sam and two from Tracey. She was followed by Chanelle who, despite refusing to take part earlier, performed Spring from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons on the violin.

Sam said her performance was “music to my ears”, and gave her four points while Tracey grudgingly agreed it was “better than the other performances” and awarded her three points.

Finally Ziggy took to the stage and performed his old Northern Line hit Love On The Northern Line. Sam loved it and once again awarded top marks, but an unimpressed Tracey gave him just one point.

With the acts over, presenter Charley announced Chanelle, with seven points, as the winner.

Executive producer Gerry was then informed that the housemates had been successful in this part of the task with 28 points. They had to score 25 or more to pass.

See highlights from the talent show in our picture gallery.

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