Big Brother: housemates hit by illness

The Big Brother housemates have been struck down by a vicious illness which has left five of them feeling unwell, according to the papers.

The Sun reports that Bex, Belinda, Sara and Stuart – all of whom are on the ‘hellish’ side of the house – have all fallen victim to the same bug which has left fellow housemate Luke bed-ridden for most of the week.

The five have been complaining of dizziness and feeling sick, as well as suffering from diarrhoea.

Sara has claimed she feels “delirious”, while Bex collapsed on her way to the Diary Room on Wednesday after saying she felt weak.

All five housemates have been taking part in the gruelling Tour De Grand Frere task, which has seen them cycling 520 miles on two stationary bikes and has left them shattered.

Luke was the first housemate to get ill, and has spent the week on a heavy dose of medication – but still felt unwell on Wednesday, which was his 21st birthday.

“This entire-room is illness-ridden,” he complained.

Mikey and Lisa are the only housemates on the ‘hellish’ side not to be struck down – and show doctors are said to be carefully monitoring them in case they become ill.

“As always, the health and welfare of all the housemates is of utmost importance to us,” said a Channel 4 spokesperson.

“Housemates are monitored 24 hours a day by producers and are encouraged to talk to Big Brother whenever they feel unwell and require medical attention.”

Producers are said to be on standby to take housemates away for treatment if necessary.

It would not be the first time a Big Brother housemate has been removed from the house to receive medical attention.

Last year Chanelle was rushed away under a blanket after complaining of severe stomach pains. She was treated by a specialist before being allowed to return to the house.