The Big Brother housemates have had a challenging Friday night having to ignore more random events – including the arrival of new housemate Sam.

The 21-year-old graffiti artist from Kent entered the house on Friday evening as a replacement for Laura, who walked out earlier in the week.

He had missed out on a place in the house last Friday after failing to be chosen as a new housemate by the others.

However, due to the housemates’ Ignore The Obvious task, in which they have had to take no notice of odd goings on in the house, they were not allowed to welcome the new arrival or talk to him.

Instead Sam entered the house wearing an ‘Ignore Me’ T-shirt and a ‘New Housemate’ sign – and sat in silence until being summoned to the Diary Room where he made his feelings known.

“It’s hard to say what I think of the others,” he admitted, “since none of them are allowed to talk to me.”

“I don’t like some of the people who’ve been bitching about me in here but apart from that I don’t know. They don’t look too pleased to see me,” he added, as the others watched his comments on the plasma screen in the living area.

However the newcomer was eventually given a warm reception by the others after Big Brother announced that the task was over.

There was another challenge for the housemates on Friday when pop twins John and Edward sang their new single live in the house.

The pair – who sprang to fame on The X Factor – tried their hardest to get the housemates’ attention with their performance of All The Small Things – only to be ignored.

However they made the most of their time ion Big Brother, running through the house afterwards and clambering over the sofa where Jo was still sitting in an effort to provoke a reaction.

The pair eventually left through the front door, but not before being warned by Big Brother to leave the house, and in the confusion accidentally setting off a fire alarm.

Friday night’s part of the task also saw Davina McCall suddenly enter the house as she presented part of the eviction show.

The housemates appeared to be having trouble ignoring her however as she got up close and personal with several of them, ruffling Ben’s hair and at one point licking John James’s face.