Big Brother: Housemates in charge!

The Big Brother housemates have been left in charge of the house overnight after Big Brother has said it is taking the day off.

They were given details of this on Wednesday afternoon, and told they had to choose one member of the group to take on the role of Big Brother in its absence.

The group were also given £100 for food – as well as a selection of takeaway menus – and told that certain rules of the house, such as not being allowed to discuss nominations, no longer applied while Big Brother was away.

Jonty was chosen to take Big Brother’s place and set up a makeshift Diary Room in the vestibule – and other members of the house were quick to pay him a visit.

“We want to request loads of good stuff to make the day better,” Amanda said when the twins went to see him.

“We want music and songs tonight so we can party, and a bouncy castle,” added Sam.

“And for the other room to be opened,” Amanda demanded. “That’d be ace.”

Jonty informed them that Big Brother had noted the request for music – and just moments later Aqua’s chart-topping Barbie Girl began playing in the house.

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