Big Brother: Housemates look to the final

With the final of Big Brother just days away, the housemates have been pondering over what’s been happening outside the house.

Following Chanelle’s surprise appearance on Sunday night, the housemates began to reflect on their time in the house – and how they might be percieved by those in the outside world.

Still visibly shocked from his impromptu meeting with Chanelle, Ziggy began to question his behaviour throughout his Big Brother journey.

“The problem is,” he explained to Liam, “I don’t think I could have done anything else, been anyone else.”

“If you weren’t yourself,” Liam explained to him, “you wouldn’t be this upset now.”

And for a moment, it looked like Ziggy was planning to join the Victoria Beckham wannabe on the outside.

“It’s really got to me,” sighed Ziggy. “If I could just pack my bag and go with her, I’d go with her right now.”

Meanwhile, Jonty was being comforted by his fellow housemates after expressing concern about what effect his appearance on Big Brother was having on his family.

But Sam was quick to reassure a tearful Jonty, saying: “There’s no way you’ve embarrassed them, you haven’t been horrible to make them feel bad. I bet you any money they’ve been voting for you like crazy and they’re so proud of you.”

And Liam promptly added some light relief to the sitution, telling Jonty: “Honestly, you have nothing to worry about, you’ve been a brilliant housemate. Doing pumps on the floor is not going to embarrass nobody!”

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