Big Brother: Housemates lose budget

The Big Brother housemates are facing another week of basic rations after a misdemeaour cost them their luxury shopping budget.

On Tuesday the housemates were informed they had passed this week’s self-improvement task and would be rewarded with a luxury budget – however all that changed after Carole was called to the Diary Room on Wednesday evening.

There she was told she had broken the rules by hiding a packet of chocolate digestives which she had found in the storeroom.

Carole attempted to explain herself.

“Well they were hidden ages and ages ago, at the back where Nicky had had the pepper sauce,” she said.

“I didn’t realise they were there when I took all my stuff out. When I went back and moved stuff and they were there. And I took them and put them in the back of the drawer and they remained there. The Task was over and they were craving stuff so I brought them out.”

However her excuse was not enough to placate Big Brother.

“When you chose to hide food, you knowingly broke the rules,” she was told, with Big Brother going on to point out she had also stepped out of line when she had whisked some eggs in the kitchen.

Currently the twins, Jonty, Kara-Louise and Gerry are the only people allowed to prepare food in the kitchen as a punishment for breaking another rule.

As a result, Carole was told the housemates would have to forfeit their shopping budget.

Naturally, the others were not happy – although none of them blamed Carole for producing the offending biscuits.

“Don’t worry about it Carole, you did what you thought was best,” said Brian.

Ziggy took the punishment particularly badly and promptly stomped off to the Diary Room to share his thoughts.

“I’ll be honest. My time here is going to be limited,” he fumed, gruffly. “I’m a lad. I need to eat. I don’t understand all this messing about with food. We passed the task, what’s wrong with us eating?”

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