Big Brother: Housemates lose luggage!

In yet another Fake Week stunt, Big Brother has confiscated Charley and Nicky’s suitcases as a punishment for ‘bad behaviour’.

The bags were taken away on Wednesday night after all the housemates were ordered to go to the bedroom and pack their suitcases, then put them in the store room

Initially there was excitement in the house. “It’s like we’re all going home!” shrieked Brian. “This is nerve-wracking!” added Sam.

Charley, on the other hand, was more sceptical. “They’re probably doing this so we think there’s another house,” she said. “Something big is going on. I can tell.”

Half an hour later, the housemates were told they could collect their belongings – except for Charley and Nicky, who were summoned to the Diary Room, and told that they had been caught discussing nominations on several occasions.

“As you appear to be unclear of this rule,” they were told, “Big Brother is going to teach you both a lesson. Big Brother will be keeping your suitcases until further notice.”

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