Big Brother: Housemates meet David

The Big Brother housemates have spent time with ‘halfway housemate’ David, as they get to know the five new arrivals.

The 25-year-old Scot – who claims to be a witchcraft-practising pagan –

was given a rapturous welcome by the current housemates – with Liam recognising him from the audition he had attended.

“Is there any alcohol?” he asked before settling down with the housemates for a drink and a chat – and one of the first things he wanted to know was whether anybody actually took baths in the living room tub.

“Sometimes,” said Carole, “as you might have noticed as a punishment we get the bathroom locked – so we’ve all taken baths there.”

And he told the others that he predicted through pagan rituals that he would be joining the housemates on Big Brother.

Gerry seemed particularly taken with the potential new housemate. Lovely boy, well spoken, educated” he told Carole. “He stole my heart already,”

Over the next few days the other four newcomers will spend time with the others in the main house.

On Monday the housemates will then decide which of the two they want to join them permanently.

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