Big Brother: Housemates miss Nicky

She might have gotten a reputation for being miserable – but the Big Brotherhousemates have admitted that they miss Nicky now that she’s gone.

“It’s really sad, I’m proper gutted,” Tracey admitted in the Diary Room after the 28-year-old had left the house on Friday night. “She’ll be sadly missed by me. Definitely. She’ll watch us now.”

The house’s resident raver choked back tears as she told Big Brother how upset she was to see Nicky gone.

“I’ll miss her loads,” she said. “How generous she was to me, how open she was. How we bounced off each other. It was easy, natural, real. You can’t buy that.”

The twins also admitted that they missed Nicky, who was evicted over fellow nominee Gerry with 76 per cent of the public vote.

“We’re dead upset Nicky’s gone,” Sam said. “We’re happy Gerry’s staying but…it was dead hard this time. We didn’t want either of them to go.”

“And,” she added, “I can’t believe she got booed. That’s so mean. She hasn’t done anything wrong.”

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