Big Brother: Housemates must return food

The Big Brother housemates have been ordered to return the remaining food from last week’s luxury shopping budget after failing this week’s task.

Brian went to the Diary Room on Thursday morning and received instructions from Big Brother, telling the group they had 30 minutes to give everything back or face “serious consequences”.

And remembering what happened last time they tried to hide food away – they were punished with a diet of ‘slop’ – the housemates decided to comply.

However they still weren’t happy about it.

“We will get slop again if we don’t give it back,” moaned Brian. “Whenever we lose a task we lose food. What is the point?”

Tracey pointed out that Big Brother was doing it to annoy them, while the others ate as much of their precious luxury shopping as possible and contemplated the week ahead.

“Carole will be a nightmare this week,” Ziggy told the others. “I love her but she is impossible without food. It’s how she is. You will feel like a five-year-old.”

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