Big Brother: Housemates prepare for zoo task

Big Brother housemates will be told to pretend they are animals when the house is transformed into a zoo for the latest shopping task.

Each housemate will get to choose a costume – dressing up as flamingos, elephants, kangaroos, rabbits, seals or llamas – and must stay in their outfits for two days, according to The Sun.

If the housemates successfully complete the task they will win a luxury food budget.

But many may assume that the house already resembles a zoo, with the amount of cat-fights that have taken place.

On Monday, Rebecca Shiner had another row – this time with Mohamed Mohamed after he took her tobacco.

Bex raged when she discovered that Mohamed had used up her tobacco and had thrown the empty packet away.

Bex fumed: “Who does that? Who takes my stuff?” and told Luke she was so angry with Mohamed she was ‘shaking’.

Bex later got her own back on Mohamed by ripping up his birthday belt. Suspecting that Bex was the culprit, Mohamed went to confront her and she boldly admitted: “I cut it up ’cause I can’t stand ya.”

Not holding back, Bex added: “I think you’re the most vilest person I ever met in my life. You absolutely disgust me.”

Bex has already been cautioned by Big Brother after calling Darnell a ‘s*** stirrer’ during an argument.

Bookies have been offering 2/1 on a third housemate being removed from the house for bad behaviour.

Contestants Alexandra De Gale and Dennis McHugh have already been ejected for ‘unacceptable behaviour’.