Big Brother: housemates sing for peace

Big Brother has continued its Fake Week trickery – by fooling the housemates into believing they were doing their bit for world peace.

On Thursday afternoon they were given the task of getting involved in the ‘Warmth Not Waste’ campaign, by recording a peace anthem with lyrics supplied by Big Brother.

They were also supplied with campaign T-shirts, and instructed to make peace banners and decorate a duvet, which they were told would be sent to Mongolia to promote global harmony.

Having sung their hearts out on the song,which featured the lyrics, “the world is changing and moving so fast, we must come together to make our planet last,” they were summoned to the Diary Room for the next part of the task – recording peace messages in foreign languages.

Unbeknown to the housemates, however, no such campaign exists – and their appeals on behalf of ‘Warmth Not Waste’ had little to do with promoting peace.

For starters, Gerry was given a genuine message to read in Greek for his home country, thus giving the impression the peace campaign was real.

Others, however, were given messages in other languages which were total nonsense.

Brian and Nicky’s Gaelic statement was in fact a joke about a hot dog walking into a bar, while Chanelle’s speech – in Finnish – actually translated as “I’m sitting in a cardboard house talking Finnish about a made-up initiative called Warmth Not Waste. It’s not real!”

The 19-year-old was none the wiser, and came proudly out of the Diary Room talking about her achievement. “I had to do it in Finnish,” she trilled. “I said ‘what’s Finnish?’ I thought Finnish was, like, the end, but it’s, like, from Finland.”

You can see the housemates’ peace efforts in our photo gallery

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