Big Brother: Housemates spread the hate

The Big Brother housemates have been forced to discuss what they dislike about each other as part of their self-improvement task.

The ‘honesty session’, which took place at the Circle Of Life on Monday evening began with a spiritual dance before the housemates were put on the spot…

Carole kicked off proceedings by criticising Gerry’s ‘incessant talking about your favourite subject’, while Gerry told Tracey he disliked the fact ‘your hair does not keep its pink colour long enough’.

However, the others pointed out that this did not qualify as personality and asked Gerry to name something else. Finally, he told Tracey ‘your perky bottom is not as perky as your personality’.

Ziggy, meanwhile, complained that Jonty was ‘avoiding him since we spanked that night,’ and Jonty criticised Brian for being ‘too darn popular’.

Kara-Louise, on the other hand, told Carole she was ‘too caring’. And the twins? They told Liam they disliked him ‘when you talk about rumpy-pumpy sexy time…’

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