Big Brother: Housemates’ sweaty success

The Big Brother housemates have won themselves access to the Pool Bar in the house after successfully completing this week’s exercise task.

The group were told they had to collectively produce more than 50g worth of sweat during the workout in order to get the reward.

Between them, they notched up an impressive 253g of sweat during the task, and as a result were told they could use the Bar – together with an extended swimming pool until further notice.

As a result, they spent much of Saturday drinking fruity cocktails and dancing to summer hits – while Amanda got so excited at one point that she jumped into the pool fully-clothed.

“It’s pretty cool,” Ziggy said of the bar, while Gerry described it as “fantastic”.

Meanwhile, there was an extra treat for Jonty, after he managed to accumulate the most sweat during the workout.

He was called to the Diary Room, where he was given a reward of a giant ice-cream sundae.

“I’m very grateful,” said Jonty, who was amused to hear he was the sweatiest housemate, clocking up an impressive 73g worth during the half-hour exercise session.

Halfway through the sundae, Big Brother told him he had the chance to win extra alcohol for the group if he finished it – which he did.

“I’m feeling cool and refreshed,” he said after the final mouthful. “And also slightly sick.”

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